The Wild Pigs M/C was formed in 1987 by a group of police officers from the San Jose Police Department in San Jose, California. This group of approximately 15 police officers, who enjoyed
riding in an informal status, later invited some Santa Clara County Sheriffs Deputies to join them during their rides. As the friendship grew, a formal code became necessary for the club to
properly operate and a short while later, the club name and logo were created. Today, there are thirty-one Wild Pigs M/C chapters throughout the world.

The Wild Pigs Memphis chapter was founded by 4 members in September 1997 and quickly grew to over 30 members.  We initiated several community related benefits including organizing
what has become probably the premiere poker run in the region and benefiting  a law enforcement or his family who are in severe financial difficulty.  Next year we are hosting the 16th annual
Wild Pigs Poker run on Sunday, April 7, 2013.  Between these two events we have given well over $100,000.

In 2001 the Wild Pigs split into several clubs after a lengthy lawsuit involving the trademark & logo of the club.  All but 5 of our members chose to stay with us as the Memphis Chapter of the
Wild Pigs.  We have grown stronger through these many years and forged lasting bonds with the riding community in West Tennessee.  

The Memphis Chapter has always had a rich tradition of brotherhood and service to the law enforcement community and the motorcycle community.
The club has many chapter functions and rides every year in addition to the poker run and children's benefit.  We always support the other law enforcement motorcycle clubs in the area by
participating in their club rides and events.
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